• Patates Braves (Patates Braves).
  • Home-made croquettes (Croquetes).
  • Batter fried squid ( home- made) (Calamars romana).
  • Fuet (Fuet).
  • Bread with tomatoes and cured ham (Pernil país).
  • Natural duck foie with sale (Foie sal).

Salads (**vegetarian dishes)

  • **Green salad (Amanida verda).
  • Catalan Salad (Amanida Catalana).
  • **Goat cheese salad with Modena vinaigrette (Amanida cabra).
  • **Tomatoes, fresh cheese and tuna salad (Amanida tonyina).
  • **Brie cheese and apple salad (Amanida Brie).
  • Slice pieces of chicken, parmesa (kind of cheese), and dried fruit salad with fig vinaigrette (Amanida de pollastre).

Cold and Hot Dishes (** vegetarian dishes)

  • One selection of Adri’s cured meats (Embotits).
  • Carpaccio of veal fillet and parmesà (kind of cheese) (Carpaccio filet).
  • ** Green asparagus with romesco sauce (Esparrecs verds).
  • Cannelloni with meat (Canelons).
  • Racó de’n Pep’s cannelloni (with black truffle) (Canelons tofona).
  • Brandada of cod in the grill (Brandada).
  • **Vegetable and mushrooms lasagne, grilled with sauce of “siurenys”(Lassanya).
  • Foie with sweet apple (Dau foie amb poma).
  • **Roast vegetables in the oven with goat cheese (Verdures al forn).
  • Soup, cream or tomato soup.
  • Racó d’en Pep’s snail (Cargols).